MMDS - Multi Media Digital Signage

The Multimedia Digital Signage System allows to schedule and show different contents such as videos, spots, advertisements, movie trailers, warnings, arrival and departure timetables on monitors installed in public places such as Ports, Airports, Railway Stations or on board equipments such as trains, ferries, buses and airplanes. It is realized on a distributed architecture composed of:

  • A Central Control Station: providing the content management tool and performs the deployment of the video scheduling programs towards the Remote Control Stations via internet.
  • One or more Remote Control Station: managing the different monitors distributed on a local area
  • Smart Video Displays with a network interface and a processing capability.

The Central Control Station provides:

  • Content Management
    • Contents Information Management
      - Content Allocation Info
      - Content Info
      - Content Data Storage
    • Customer Information Management
      - Customer Identification data
      - Customer Contractual Data
      - Customer Log Data
      - Data Insertion, Removal and Modify
  • Configuration Management
    • Cluster Creation and Configuration
    • Area Creation Configuration
    • Location Information Management
    • RCS Management (Control Monitoring)
    • Creation of Channels with contents allocation
    • Creation of TV Schedule for Location, Cluster Area, Single Display
    • Deployment of the TV Schedule to the RCS according to the contractual agreements
    • Remote Play data retrieval

The Remote Control Station is responsible of:

  • Transmitting the multicast video/audio stream
  • Encoding and playing video streams
  • Managing video display and video clusters:
    - Video channels setting
    - Audio/video parameters setting
    - Turning on/off Video Display
    - Monitoring the current status of voltage input, temperature, fault
  • Retrieving the command logs

Video Displays will have the capability:

  • Receive the multicast Audio/Video Stream
  • Decode and Play the video streams
  • Execute commands sent by the remote control station
  • Reply to monitoring commands

The MMDS System offers enhanced diagnostic function distributed on each component, in order to provide an efficient access to the management and maintenance operations available on the control station.