COLIBRI - Command & Control Integrated System Based on Recognition Capabilities

The System Command & Control Integrated System Based on Recognition Capabilities (COLIBRI) is an integrated system of surveillance and protection of critical infrastructures: military bases, ammunition dumps, buildings, ports, airports, train stations, museums, gas and water pipelines, dams, oil platforms.

The COLIBRI system is modular and scalable: through a structured approach that involves the preliminary analysis of the vulnerability and risks of the site, the "optimal" architecture for the protection of the site and the right technologies are defined.

The video surveillance system incorporates the following sensors:

  • Video (day / night, infrared, thermal, fish-eye cameras)
  • RF sensors (radar, proximity sensors)
  • Optical sensors (laser, IR barriers)
  • Acoustic sensors (sonar, microphone cables)
  • Chemical sensors (gas, smoke)
  • Environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, water, fire)

The COLIBRI system is composed of three subsystems:

The control subsystem that allows the use of acquisition sensors fixed or positioned on board mobile means (vehicles, piloted UAV from the ground)

The Computer and Intelligence subsystems monitoring, processing and performing data fusion for the generation of alarm events

Communication and Command Subsystems carrying out message exchanging with control stations, through wired or wireless networks (i.e. GSM / UMTS, TETRA, Wi-Fi, Digital Mobile Radio DMR)

Colibri Surveillance Platform

Military Infrastructure Protection

Civil Infrastructure Protection