About us

Interconsulting Founded in 2001, is a System Engineering company specialized in the design and development of embedded systems and applications based on cutting edge technologies. High level skills and a wealth of experience mixed with the deep knowledge of the most important domains give to this private company the capability to satisfy the requirements of almost all the markets based on embedded engineering, making it a leader in Italy in the integration and development of embedded real time components for Mission and Safety critical systems.
Process Quality, proven experience in the specific application domain, adoption of "state of the art"technologies have enabled the achievement of a level of excellence in System and Software Engineering. Interconsulting is capable of autonomously managing complex projects, by covering the entire development life cycle - from the conception to the commissioning according to process standards of the application domain, being supported by the appropriate organizational infrastructure for technology and security management.
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From Concept to Reality 

Interconsulting aims to establish a lasting partnership with the Customer, providing reliable and affordable support for normal project activities, but maintaining the capability to propose innovative solutions for special purposes, sharing the investments and risk when needed.

Interconsulting performs best matching of the Customer requirements and the more performant "state of the art" technologies. Interconsulting is organized in order to anticipate the customer’s needs, performing technology scouting and continuous monitoring of the market trends by using a network of major technology vendors and through R&D activities, which consolidate relationships with important Universities and Research agencies.

Customer satisfaction, respect of the time schedule and the Quality of the work represent values shared by each person who works for Interconsulting. For this reason, Interconsulting maintains an extremely rigorous Quality Management System, by affecting all the company processes, but maintaining the peculiarities of a SME, in terms of resilience, speed and efficiency to react to Customer needs.

Human resources are selected with special care and are considered essential for the implementation of company strategies.
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Highly Skilled

Interconsulting holds remarkable engineering competences and successfully manages the following technology areas:
  • Analysis, design and integration of embedded systems/subsystems
  • Development and Integration of General Purpose processing platforms, based on Open Standard architectures (VME, cPCI, PCI, PCIe, VPX) and COTS modules (Single Board Computers-SBC) extended with custom I/O board designed "in house"
  • Design and Development of Processing Board (SBC) based on Core Power PC, Intel x86 o DSP, for "custom" application specified by the Customer
  • Design and Development of I/O board for Bus Standard Interface Development of Hardware and Software components for per Safety Critical applications
  • Development of Firmware components for programmable logic devices (ASIC, FPGA) based on System On Chip - SOC architectures
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Beyond innovation

The key factor for innovation is research, consequently Interconsulting holds an internal Research organization able to conduct and manage collaborations on R&D projects "dual use" (civil and military), both for domestic and UE initiatives.

The effective participation in Research consortiums has thus enabled to be known in prestigious Universities and Research centers, by promoting initiatives and developing innovative ideas, therefore generating a "virtuous circle", which has been attracting the interest of major European industries.

The Research and Development activities are considered strategic and targeted to accomplish the market needs in terms of process improvement and especially from the perspective of product innovation.
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Safe and sustainable

The level of excellence of our Customers requires the highest level of Quality in the development processes and in the related methodologies.

Interconsulting has acquired from the daily support of Clients in the applications development "best practices" which enable the achievements of the program objectives, by respecting the budget and plans, according to a continuous improvement strategy.

Particular attention is given to Security and Information protection, in order to meet the requirements of secrecy and confidentiality, with a special care for the environment which will be a "must" in the future.